Everybody loves a good burger. Put your own spin on it with Jarlsberg®.

Nothing beats the feeling of biting into a freshly grilled, juicy burger. Whether it’s at a family gathering, barbeque with friends or just as a special treat on a normal weeknight.

Hamburgers didn’t really catch on in the United States until the 1904 St. Louis World’s fair, although the idea of placing a beef patty between some sort of bread has been around since the mid-1700s.

The 1920s saw the start of a beautiful friendship: burgers and cheese.

There are several claims as to who invented the first cheeseburger, but regardless of who came up with it first, we can all be grateful that someone did.

To make the perfect cheeseburger, you need the perfect cheese. A slice of mild, nutty Jarlsberg® is the perfect way to put a delicious new twist on the old classic.

A burger is like a blank canvas. You can put whatever you want on it. If you need some inspiration, we recommend trying one of our Jarlsberg® Burgers. The creative recipes are made by George Duran, Elizabeth Haigh and Mäckish Community and the burgers are juicy, fun and truly irresistible.

The only thing better than a burger, is a Jarlsberg® Burger.

The Jarlsberg® Burgers