Mäckish - Cooking without limits!


Meet the fun and food loving Olga and Kegen.

In 2013, fun and food loving best friends Olga and Kegen started up a Facebook group called Mäckish Official. The name derives from the Swedish word macka, which means sandwich. It's a place where friends, family and people from all over the world can share recipes and their passion for sandwiches.

“It turned out to be the start of a journey! We can hardly believe it's all been real!”

Olga and Kegen - Mäckish Official

Olga has a clear talent for creative cooking and Kegen has a keen eye for both design and photography. Together their skills make for a truly unique concept! Today Mäckish has expanded into much more than recipes, offering services such as events, photography, and recipe creation, and they have even broadened their culinary repertoire to include more than just sandwiches. They have hosted several TV programs and have been featured in many food magazines. They teach and inspire people through lectures on sustainable food and travel, carefully selecting collaborators and producers that share their values for sustainable production. The pair are convinced that through their work with sandwiches, it’s actually possible to make the world a better place!

Olga and Kegen always demonstrate a creative use of high-quality ingredients. For Jarlsberg®, they came up with two unique recipes inspired by Swedish ingredients. A reindeer burger with lingonberry jelly, and a vegetarian burger with mushrooms and walnuts. Combined with flavorful and nutty Jarlsberg® cheese, their creations turned out to be two pretty delicious hamburgers!

Mäckish Burgers