Elizabeth Haigh - The Rise of a Chef


Take a peek into Elizabeth's world of spices.

Elizabeth Allen is considered one of the most brightly shining stars in London’s culinary sky. With experience from a number of the best restaurants and chefs, she is now ready to open up a venture of her own.

Elizabeth was well into her architectural studies when she realized that this career choice would mean many hours in front of a computer screen, and that was not what she wanted. She missed the social companionship she got from cooking.

“In my childhood, everyone around me made food. I literally grew up surrounded by cooking!”

Her Singaporean background had helped her to appreciate a wide range of flavors, spices and styles from an early age. In her family, food had always been something that brought people together. She realized that food and cooking were her real passion, and decided that this was what she should focus on in her career.

Elizabeth Haigh making burgers

Her architectural studies were not in vain, however, and have benefited her enormously in her cooking. "Architecture taught me to be extremely thorough and accurate, which is important in a workplace as hectic as a kitchen."

Elizabeth’s love for spices is evident in everything she does. For Jarlsberg®, she created two innovative burgers with an Asian twist. A juicy and spicy burger with kimchi, and a fried veggie burger containing seitan and crushed ramen noodles. Both marry excellently with the aromatic and nutty flavors of Jarlsberg® cheese.