All kinds of special

All kinds of special

Jarlsberg® is a cheese that has both character and incredible versatility. The semi-soft cheese is a great addition to any cheese platter and pairs very well with fruit, nuts and even dark chocolate! When used for cooking Jarlsberg® is a real treat to work with.

Although sometimes mistaken for a Swiss cheese, Jarlsberg® is a singular creation. Jarlsberg® is a mix between Gouda and Emmental (also known as Swiss cheese). The structure and pattern of the holes in Jarlsberg® are unique – and inseparable from the mild, nutty flavour. The super-secret formula behind Jarlsberg® contains a patented propionic acid that is the source of both the flavour and the holes. You can’t have one without the other.

A cheese that makes every meal memorable

Jarlsberg® adds a little extra to any cuisine in the world. Jarlsberg® melts beautifully, which makes it perfect for gratins, pies, pizzas, burgers, quesadillas and cheese melt sandwiches. The mild nuttiness of Jarlsberg® is a perfect companion to most herbs and spices. In addition to the unique flavour, it offers just the right chewiness when melted on top.  When added to fondues, soups or sauces Jarlsberg® blends inn seamlessly.

From the simplest sandwich with a few slices of cheese to your most complex sauce - Jarlsberg® makes a big difference. The mild, sweet and nutty taste that can’t be mimicked adds that something extra without dominating the flavour palette. Melted, Jarlsberg® is in a league of its own. With the added sweetness caused by heating, Jarlsberg® provides any dish with a new depth of flavour.  

Regardless of what you’re cooking; if it’s great with cheese, it will be even better with Jarlsberg®.