Made to Melt

Made to Melt

Whether on a quest to find the best cheese for melting, or just in the mood for a change, Jarlsberg® is an obvious choice for all your future melted cheese escapades.

Jarlsberg® melts beautifully, making it perfect for basically anything with cheese on it, or in it: quesadillas, paninis, gratins, pies, pastas, pizzas or burgers — and we think that Jarlsberg is the best cheese for grilled cheese sandwiches.

How to make a delicious grilled cheese sandwich

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The mild nuttiness of Jarlsberg® makes a great companion for most herbs, spices and flavour palettes. It also offers just the right chewiness when melted and becomes sweeter when heated. In fact, Jarlsberg® gives any cheese dish a new depth of flavour.

Although Jarlsberg is a singular creation, it shares a lovely trait with its Swiss cousins, in that it’s incredibly stretchy — so don’t be afraid to replace your Emmenthal or Gruyère with Jarlsberg® for your next fondue or raclette night.

How to make a mac'n cheese toastie

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Fancy a panini, Reuben sandwich, quesadilla, croque monsieur or Welsh Rarebit? The grilled cheese sandwich or toastie has many names and comes in many forms around the globe. At the heart of them all is the stretchy, rich and tasty deliciousness of cheese.
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