Our Production

Our Production

We’ve been exporting Jarlsberg® for over 50 years; so more and more people around the world are discovering its delicious mild, nutty flavour.

To keep up with the growing demand, we now have two state-of-the-art diaries in the USA and Ireland - both countries know a thing or two about exceptional dairy and eco-friendly farming. And they've been making unmistakably tasty Jarlsberg® for years.

The special ingredient - our starter culture - that gives Jarlsberg® its famously nutty taste - will always come from Norway using our original recipe since 1956.

Our Norwegian passion for outstanding quality, animal welfare and food standards will never change. Every drop of milk that goes into our cheese will always be 100 % hormone free, no matter where it's made. 

As a cooperative of dairy farmers ourselves, we care deeply about protecting the animals and the land that gives us our beloved Jarlsberg® cheese. 

Here's to a future where food is sustainable, ethical, and of course, expectionally delicious!

Download our infographic about the Jarlsberg® production here.

Regardless of what you’re cooking; if it’s great with cheese, it will be even better with Jarlsberg®.
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