Get 3 FREE Jarlsberg® Toastabags®

Download our Jarlsberg® Grilled Cheese recipe booklet and get 3 FREE Jarlsberg® Toastabags® from BOSKA!


Want to make a grilled cheese sandwich but not have a big mess to clean up afterward? By using Toastabags® from Boska you get a delicious golden brown grilled cheese sandwich, without cheesy remains or crumbs in your panini press or toaster. It’s also useful if you are gluten intolerant!

By using the Toastabags®, your food doesn’t come into contact with your kitchen device or food remains. Thanks to the woven fiberglass bags with their PTFE coating, you can make the perfect grilled cheese sandwich in your own device! You can also reheat a pizza slice or a pita bread with the Toastabags®. Time to wash up? No problem, the Toastabags® can go in the dishwasher or quickly be washed by hand. Each Toastabag® can be reused 50 times.

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Find our recipe booklet here. In order to download the recipe booklet, click 'Menu' and 'Download PDF'. Click the icon in the top right corner to download the booklet to your computer.