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• Wedding Cake Sandwich •

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You will need

  • 1 loaf of Rye Bread
  • 2 cups of Corned Beef or Ham
  • 1 jar Sauerkraut (200g)
  • 200 Jarlsberg® slices (Sandwich filling only)
  • Russian dressing (cocktail sauce)
  • 1 litre full milk
  • 3 cups Jarlsberg®, diced
  • 1 cup Carrageenan Iota

Makes 4 portions

Wedding Cake Sandwich

Break the mold (... the cake mold, that is) and serve this Wedding Cake sandwich for your guests. That's right. It's a sandwich. That looks like a cake. You won't find this recipe on Pinterest. Does anyone accept the challenge?

To make the Wedding Cake Sandwich

Make a classic reuben sandwich. For the best result you build the sandwich inside wedding cake tin. Slice the bread into 1 cm slices to fill the bottom of cake tin evenly. Make sandwich layers of corn beef or ham, sauerkraut, Jarlsberg and Russian dressing. Repeat sandwich layers until the tin is full. Set the sandwich in the fridge and turn out the sandwich once cooled. Now to make the 'icing'. Bring the milk to a simmer, add Jarlsberg and stir. Use an electric blender and blend until smooth. Cool the milk and cheese mixture. Once cool, add the lota. Then bring the mixture back to 80°C and stir gently. Use cling film to cover a tray. Pour the mixture onto it and place in the fridge until set. Once it’s set, cut to the right shape and decorate the cake. Cut a slice and place in a grill for an absolutely gorgeous result! Serves 6 wedding guests and a very happy couple too.