• Orange marinated Jarlsberg® Cheese •

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A snack with vibrant, yet perfectly balanced flavors

This deliciously complex snack is absolutely tasty with crusty bread or crackers. Crunchy walnuts perfectly play up the nutty character of the Jarlsberg® cheese – this along with the fresh citrusy taste, will have any foodie coming back for more.

To make the marinated Jarlsberg® cheese

Make sure the glass jar is clean and has a tight lid. Cube the Jarlsberg® cheese and chop the walnuts and thyme. Peel, section and cut orange, using the skin for zest (careful not to use white pithy part). Squeeze 1 orange section to use juice for marinade. Whisk liquid from orange section with zest, salt, pepper, vinegar and oil. Layer the Jarlsberg® cheese, walnuts, thyme and orange pieces. Cover with marinade and seal tightly. Place the jar in the fridge to marinate for a day; best to use within 3 days at the most.