• Deep-Fried Jarlsberg® Cheese with Lime Aioli •

• Ingredients •

You will need

Serve up deep fried Jarlsberg® with lime aioli -- we promise you won't have leftovers!


Remove Jarlsberg® cheeses from packaging and place in freezer for at least one hour. Use Jarlsberg® Cheese Snacks for easy prep, or cut thick pieces from a wedge.

In the meantime, make the aioli by whisking all of the ingredients and setting aside.

Combine Panko bread crumbs with paprika and salt and place in a shallow bowl or dish. Remove cheese sticks from freezer and coat each piece with flour, then eggs and finally press into breadcrumbs on both sides.

Add oil in frying pan and heat until it begins to shimmer. Add each Jarlsberg stick and fry until golden brown, less than 1 minute on each side.

Serve immediately with lime aioli.