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• Croque-Monsieur Jarlsberg® Cheese •

• Ingredients •

You will need

  • 1 tbsp. Dijon mustard
  • 1 tbsp. soft butter, divided
  • 2 slices Jarlsberg® Original cheese
  • 2 slices ham
  • 2 slices sandwich bread

Makes 1 sandwich

A simple Parisian pleasure

Take the Croque Monsieur, a modest sandwich, assemble it with beautiful ingredients and cook it with care to experience the atmospheric culinary café-culture of Paris. Jarlsberg® cheese adds the perfect nutty flavor and buttery aroma that turns a time-honored classic into a tantalizing delicacy. Bon appétit!

To make your croque monsieur

On one slice of bread spread Dijon mustard; layer two slices of ham and two slices of Jarlsberg® cheese on top. Cover with bread slice that’s been buttered on the outside. In skillet on medium heat, place the sandwich butter side down and cook until golden brown. Before turning sandwich over, butter the top slice. Cook until golden brown and Jarlsberg® cheese is melted.