• A little history •

Worth sharing

• The origins of Jarlsberg® •

So why does Jarlsberg® taste so good? How do we make it so nutty and delicious? And crucially, how do we get the holes inside? Well, every legend has its mysteries, and this one is of Norway's most closely guarded secrets. So when you gather with family or friends to enjoy the fine taste of Jarlsberg®, you can invent a few legends of your own.

• About Tine •

TINE SA is Norway's largest producer, distributor and exporter of dairy products. We aim to provide consumers with a healthy and positive food experience.

TINE is a cooperative - it is owned by more than 15,000 Norwegian dairy farmers, and each farmer is a shareholder in the cooperative. The milk that they deliver is processed into more than 200 different products that are sold around the world under the TINE trademark.

In 2011 the TINE dairy cooperative celebrated its 130th anniversary.