• Jarlsberg® Quesadillas •

• Ingredients •

You will need

Gooey cheese, crispy bacon and salsa to die for

Jarlsberg®’s scrumptious version of the Spanish Quesadilla was created by The Culinary Institute of Norway. Served with a salsa fresca, the taste is lively and bursts with fresh flavour. What makes the perfect quesadilla? We voted: Jarlsberg® melted all the way through. Perfectly toasted tortillas with an even, golden colour and a satisfying crispy bite. Finally, a deliciously tangy salsa that brings all the ingredients together and leaves you wanting more.

To make the tortillas

Slice the Jarlsberg®, fry the bacon and remove the chilli seeds. Finely chop all the salsa ingredients and mix. Layer the cheese, bacon and a big spoon of the salsa fresca ingredient salsa on half of each tortilla, fold the other half over. Press it together and toast for about a minute on each side in a medium-hot, dry pan. Cut each tortilla into four and serve with the rest of the salsa fresca on the side.