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The Jarlsberg Guide for a Perfect Pairing Night

The Jarlsberg Guide for a Perfect Pairing Night

With fall rolling in, it’s time to spice up your pantry with new seasonal flavors (a la pumpkin spice), or dip into those indulgent spreads you so dutifully avoided all summer long. And with new flavors come new, fun cheese pairings, which we believe are best enjoyed when shared.

What follows is a list of some new seasonal pairings to spice up your traditional cheese board (and some fun ideas) for your next hosted event. Ready? Let’s dive in.


5 Seasonal Pairings to Try (In No Particular Order)

Let’s set the scene: a cozy kitchen, a lovely living room, or a string of lights cast over a candlelit backyard—with good food, anywhere will do, but creating a warm environment helps elevate the experience. One of our favorite ideas to do just this is giving your guests a pen and paper (or chalkboard cheese board) to write down their “cheesy one liners” throughout the night. When you’re out of wine and beer, these will give you ammo to fuel some more laughs.  


#1 Maple Candied Bacon 

Warm, spicy, and anything but ordinary, maple-coated bacon serves as a special substitute to the more traditional charcuterie served alongside your favorite cheeses. Simply dip your bacon into a mix of maple syrup, brown sugar, and cayenne pepper/paprika before you bake it in the oven to enamor your guests’ taste buds while this homey scent seeps into your kitchen for all to enjoy.


#2 Pomegranate Seeds

Pomegranate seeds provide a burst a flavor that takes you right into the heart of the holidays. And as their ruby red hue paints a pop of color across your cheeseboard, these little seeds make up one-half of perhaps the prettiest pairing to date.


#3 Roasted Pecans & Pumpkin Seeds

Salty and sweet, warmed candied pecans drizzled over your softer cheeses are a seasonal favorite. Toss in some roasted, salted pumpkin seeds for a more savory bite and added crunch with any cheese you choose to try.


#4 Apple Butter
Buttery, velvety, and subtly fruity, apple butter enhances almost any cheese, not to mention how it brings the core of autumn onto your guests’ plates. If you’re really looking to kick it up a notch, try apple butter swirled in your next Jarlsberg® grilled cheese. We promise it won’t disappoint.


#5 Seasonal Ales

While we aren’t telling you to ditch the Malbec, Chardonnay, or Pinot Noir, we do recommend offering up a seasonal pour to sip on. If you’re serving a variety of cheeses, we suggest a lighter ale (something like a Pilsner) that will complement each bite without stealing the show. Jarlsberg® pairs especially well with Begian Dubbels and Tripels, so be sure to keep that on the counter as your staple brew.

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