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How to Spruce Up Your Cheese Board for the Holidays

How to Spruce Up Your Cheese Board for the Holidays

If you’ve ever laid your eyes on a masterpiece of a holiday cheese board, then you know what it’s like. 

The beautiful arrangement of contrasting cheeses, the light illuminating their textures and bringing them to life, their colors bouncing buoyantly and playing perfectly off of the stained wood—all of it working so effortlessly together to create a distinct cast of characters out of the many meats, fruits, and crackers that sit on the opposite side of the plank. 

A display so tremendous, you’re even hesitant to take a bite and compromise its beauty. (Please, go ahead and indulge. This is what Instagram is for.)

From us to you, here are our creative ways to enhance your 2019 holiday cheese board.

Creative Ways to Enhance Your Holiday Cheese Board

The Christmas Tree Cheese Board

One of the most basic ways to impress with your holiday cheese board is to design a shape with your cheese and complementary pairings. For those who celebrate Christmas, this can be done by using a mix of cheeses, fruits, and meats to create a Christmas Tree shape on your cheese board. To add to the scene, you can even use squares of Jarlsberg® to replicate Santa’s gifts underneath the “tree”, as well as a star-shaped cracker to be the fitting star ornament on the very top of it.


Place Candles into Your Jarlsberg® Squares

Another awesome way to add a special touch to your cheese board is to simply place candles into your squares of Jarlsberg®. Of course, this would only enhance the aesthetic appeal of the cheese board, but it would do so in a way that felt wonderfully warm—an undeniably creative way to cozy up your family gathering, regardless of what holiday you’re celebrating. 


Design a Holiday Wreath Cheese Board

Arguably the most visually appealing cheese board, the holiday wreath only requires a circular piece of wood, green veggies, some pine garland, and, of course, a healthy supply of your favorite cheeses and pairings. But to take this cheese board creation the next level, you’re going to want to thread warm, white lights through the pine garland and nestle a few candy canes in, too. This will give your cheese board life. It will catch people’s attention and draw them in to the warmth of the holiday season—that magic you can’t (and your cheeseboard won’t let them!) ignore.

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